# CES | Jupiter IO 3 – phone – “cigarette”

Among the smartphones that appeared on CES were also those for which their technical characteristics are not the main thing. Among them is a smartphone, or rather, a “cigarette-phone” Jupiter IO 3, which can … smoke. After all, it is combined with an electronic cigarette. Of course, smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is a bad habit, which is not worth acquiring even for the most attractive and fashionable gadget. In this device the most interesting is that it is a combination of two seemingly completely different modern gadgets. As noted earlier, cigarette butts can be used to create capacitors .

With this amazing phone, I was able to get to know Ben Verter, the reviewer of The Verge, who wrote about him an illustrated note “I smoked a smartphone at CES” with the video attached to it, published by the resource. Earlier on the development of Jupiter, he already wrote in the illustrated note “The smartphone you can smoke is the ultimate vaporware” published by The Verge, but only now he managed to use such an unusual device.

It should be noted that the electronic cigarette is not really a cigarette, because it emits smoke rather than smoke, and its properties are closer to the inhaler.

He writes that the phone was not presented at the exhibition itself, but he was brought directly to the hotel room. The technological week of this year was not rich in amusing technological products, and it was time to get bored, but then Ben Popper was shown a “cigarette” phone.

Jupiter IO 3 – 3G-smartphone running the operating system Android KitKat 4.4. It is claimed that the energy will be enough for 16 hours of operation without recharging, since it has two batteries, one of which provides power to the phone, and the second – “cigarettes”. To the buyer such a miraculous miracle of technology will cost $ 299.

The company reports its plans in a few months to release a similar 4G-smartphone at a price of 499 dollars. The remaining technical parameters, including the characteristics of the camera, are still unknown.

The Vendor of this unusual smartphone Vaporcade also delivers electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars and coffee. To insert a liquid cartridge, you need to open a small plastic cover located on top. A mouthpiece is also attached to this cover. The button located above makes it possible to increase the heating and thereby increase the amount of steam.

Cartridges with liquids cost $ 15. Liquids can be flavored with mint, peach and coffee. In Vaporcade they say that one cartridge is enough for about 800 puffs, which corresponds to four packets of conventional cigarettes. The Vaporcade application installed in the phone tracks how much energy and fluid was consumed, with what flavor the liquid is used now and how many puffs were made by the user. If the user seeks to quit smoking or reduce the scale of his smoking, he can set targets and will be notified when the number of puffs he has identified as the limit is reached.

As for the impact of “electronic cigarettes” on health compared to conventional cigarettes, this issue remains open and will be so very long. Long-term studies will be required to determine what effect they have on health and whether they can lead to habit formation.

Phone Jupiter

Ben Popper concludes his narrative with the words:

Is I ready to use Jupiter instead of my phone as my main device? Of course not. I believe that this is a fun device that was really fun to use in the club, if you want a little extra brightness. Definitely.

Without a doubt, this phone is one of the most unusual and unexpected, even against the background of the least similar to other smartphones.

In fact, we are talking about equipping the smartphone with an additional device integrated into the device’s software, in which there is nothing fundamentally new, as in many modern phones there are not even one but two cameras, and even it is assumed that over time users will be able to change their camera device .

What built-in smartphones technology, except the camera, could become popular?

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