German engineers have created flying robolitsu

Developers from the German company Festo for a long time are engaged in the creation of robotic animals. Festo engineers developed a butterfly robot, an ant , a jellyfish, a kangaroo , a seagull , a spider and even a penguin. All these training robots look very realistic and are able to surprise with their abilities not only children, but also adults. On these animals the Festo robot line does not end – the other day the company showed a flying robo.

Their bionic flying fox developers affectionately called “ultra-light flying object with intelligent kinematics.” The length of the “object” is 87 centimeters, the wingspan is 228 centimeters, and the weight is 580 grams. Flying foxes are the biggest bats in the world, and they also have leather wings without feathers.

To qualitatively imitate this property of the animal, the developers have created a thin ultra-light and very strong membrane consisting of two airtight films and knitted fabric. All layers are connected to each other at 45 000 points, forming a kind of “honeycomb” structure, which allows the wing to bend, but do not break with prolonged use. However, the robot can fly, even if one or both wings will receive minor damage.

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