Google introduced its new quantum processor Bristlecone

Employees of Google Quantum AI Lab are working hard to create a quantum computer that will one day solve the most important world problems and replace the traditional computers to which we are all so used. Finally, the company managed to make a small breakthrough in this direction and create a compact Bristlecone processor that can compete with modern silicon solutions of key CPU manufacturers.

One of the most important problems of modern quantum computers is the high level of errors made during the computation process. It is this task that Google engineers are trying to solve as quickly as possible, thereby bringing accuracy of quantum computations closer to our realities and making such iron suitable for mass use. CPUBristlecone was demonstrated in the framework of the American Physical Society, which was held this Monday in Los Angeles.

“We are firmly convinced that quantum computers based on the Bristlecone processor will be able to outperform traditional PCs in many areas,” said Julian Kelly, head of Google Research.

The main advantage of the Google processor over other quantum solutions is not only the fact that at its compact size it contains 72 qubits, but also the use in it of a special technology for correction of quantum errors. The previous 9-kilobit processor Google showed the number of errors at the level of 1%. Even in spite of the significant increase in the number of qubits in the new processor, engineers managed to keep the level of errors at the same level thanks to the innovative algorithm for adjusting quantum computations.

At the moment, quantum computers are used by a very small number of large companies, which they need for specific tasks such as cryptography. But analysts of the research company Communications Industry Researchers believe that by 2023 the profit of the market of quantum computing will amount to an impressive $ 8 billion. Today, such giants as Samsung, Daimler, Honda, JP Morgan and others are interested in quantum computers. The greatest results in this area have been reached by engineers from IBM and Intel. Now they are joined by Google, whose leadership does not want to stay away from potentially incredibly profitable market for itself.

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