Google made a free course on learning machine learning techniques

In recent years, the technology of machine learning has become increasingly popular in a wide range of fields, including science, industry, business and even the entertainment industry. Experts in this field are valued higher, however, because these technologies are relatively young, it is not so easy to find really intelligent professionals. Google understands this perfectly. Perhaps this is what prompted the management of the corporation to publish an educational course on learning machine learning technologies for free.

In essence, machine learning, or ML (Machine Learning), as it is called for conciseness, is a class of methods of artificial intelligence that are not aimed at directly solving the task, namely, learning in the process of applying solutions to similar tasks. In ML, the tools of mathematical statistics, numerical methods, optimization methods, probability theory and graph theory are often used. The technology of machine learning is full of various techniques and nuances, very few specialists are well versed in it. That is why it is critically important to train qualified professionals in this direction.

Google made the Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC) educational course available to the public and completely free of charge, previously only the selected employees of the company had access to it, as well as third-party software developers. More than 18,000 people from dozens of countries have already completed this course. Now it becomes available to everyone without exception, as described in thethe official Google Blog. What does this course offer and how can you access it? Let’s understand together.

The MLCC course covers the fundamental principles of machine learning, for example, gradient methods, as well as the classification of models and neural networks. The educational process is based on the TensorFlow method, developed by Google. The trainee watches short video clips recorded with the participation of experts in the field of machine learning, reads small text explanations for the lessons, and also performs special exercises and tasks developed with the direct participation of instructors and engineers of Google. Unfortunately, the course is only available in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and French. There is no Russian among them.

In total, the course includes 25 lessons, as well as more than 40 exercises. The total time of the course is 15 hours. You might think that this is too little. But it is not so. The main purpose of this gesture itself, Google calls an attempt to reveal the potential of those people who are born to reach heights in the field of machine learning. A 15-hour course may well push them in the right direction. Light a spark in them. Perhaps, it is among these enthusiasts that there is a person or even several talented people who at one time will make a revolution in this area. Even if now they do not have the means to pass the narrow profile education, now they will have the opportunity to start somewhere.

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