How To Get More Tweets And Google +1 on Your Posts –

Social networking sites are one of the best mediums or sources to get targeted traffic from but are you getting social shares specially G+ and Tweets?

Facebook sharing is quite easy, share your posts on all groups and you will get a decent amount of traffic.

But have you ever wondered how some blogs gets a large number of tweets and G+ in just no time. You might have seen many posts with a high number of G+ shares and tweets as well. So do you want to know the secret?

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Well recently I came across this trick and I was amazed to see many top bloggers using it to get tweets and G+ ones. So as usual I always share the tricks I find helpful and this time it’s the Trick to get high number of Google +1 and tweets to your posts.

Simple Steps to Get High Number of Google +1 and tweets:

  • Firstly, all you have to do is signup at JustRetweet and set up your profile accordingly. It’s a site same as AddMeFast, but it’s basically used by bloggers and other online IM experts to promote their business, with everything real here unlike AddMeFast where people use fake ID’s to collect points.
  • Before promoting your posts, you have to collect some points. So to collect points go to Dashboard. You will now see a list of twitter posts shared by other bloggers and members of the site. Its upto you now, on how you collect points. You can Facebook Like, Google +1 or retweet their posts and collect points. If you want to be in your niche, you can select your category from the categories list. It’s really easy to collect 5000 points in 10 minutes.  This way you are not only just collecting points to set up your own shares but you are also promoting other blog posts which is a good aspect of blogging.
  • Once you have enough points (atleast 1000) you can setup your own share. Go to Submit Tweet link and type the tweet you want to be shared/ReTweeted(RT) including your post link (Use HASHTAGS for more exposure). Set the number of credits you want to give for a single share (Google+ 1, FB like, Tweet). I usually prefer between 40-80 credits per share. Now select the number of times you want your posts to be shared and the networks where you want it to be shared.

Advantages of this trick

  • Your tweet will be ReTweeted by many of the top bloggers with a large number of followers which simply gives a lot of exposure of your blog to other’s in your niche.
  • Your social sharing buttons/Plugins will show high numbers which will make your post look worthy.
  •  You will get targeted traffic to your posts.
  • It will help you build relationships with some top bloggers.

So this was a simple little trick which many TOP bloggers use. I have seen Harleena Mam of AhaNow, Zac Johnson, Nirmala Mam, BlogEngage and many other top bloggers using Justretweet and I have got many ReTweets from them as well. Are you still confused about the advantages of it?

The best part is that there are no spam members or profiles on this site. I have been using this trick from the past 1 week and I have experienced positive results from the first day itself. Here is a screenshot showing some of my shares.

I guess by now you are very much impressed by this trick and you all will be looking to try your hands on it.

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