Lexus presented a technological compact crossover UX –

Editorial continues to get acquainted with the novelties of the International Motor Show in Geneva. It was here that the world premiere of the Lexus UX, the first compact crossover of the Lexus brand, was held. At the heart of the design of the Lexus UX is the new GA-C platform, the use of which has provided the crossover an ultra-low center of gravity, high body rigidity and excellent handling.

At the start, two modifications will be sold. On the crossover Lexus UX 200 put a new two-liter gasoline engine with high thermal efficiency and a new variator Direct Shift. The power of the engine is 171 liters. from. Lexus UX 250h is equipped with a new hybrid system of the fourth generation with automatic recharging capacity of 178 liters. from.

The hybrid can be either front-wheel-drive or an all-wheel drive E-Four transmission. In the all-wheel drive version, a separate electric motor is installed on the rear axle, which should help the car off-road. Good maneuverability for the car is provided by the dimensions – the turning radius of the UX is 5.2 m.

The overall length of the Lexus UX is 4495 mm, height – 1520 mm, width – 1840 mm, wheelbase – 2640 mm. The length of the luggage compartment is 791 mm. The distance between the rows of seats is 870 mm, which allows passengers to sit comfortably in the rear seats.

The driver has the ability to manage all the functions of the car from its place. In addition, thanks to the thin strips of the front pillars and the low dashboard, there are feelings similar to those that arise more quickly when driving a hatchback than a crossover or an SUV.

The novelty is equipped with a new version of the complex of active safety systems, including a collision avoidance system that can recognize pedestrians in the dark. At the same time, the system pays special attention to cyclists, who often remain unnoticed on the roads and therefore fall into an accident.

In addition, the UX has a system for automatically switching high-beam to the near and has “smart” support for parking, which can automatically brake if not too successful parking maneuvers. The car independently estimates the risk of collision with fixed objects and monitors the approach of other vehicles. At the slightest risk of collision, the car itself will brake and notify the driver with visual and audio signals, helping to reduce the risk of collision or reduce its consequences.

Official information about the start of sales and prices for the package has not been received yet, but according to rumors, the car will come off the assembly line in February next year.

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