Tank “Black Eagle” or “Object 640”

Tank Black Eagle

Omsk Machine-Building Plant in the late 1990s introduced a prototype tank under the factory name “Object 640”, however in wide circles the model is more known as “Black Eagle”. Sometimes the project is mistakenly confused with the “T-95”, but these are different models, although they have some similarities.


Although the armored car did not go into mass production, information about it could still seep into society. It is known that the tank “Black Eagle” is built on the basis of the improved running gear of the tank “T-80U”, the seven-seat chassis, torsion suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers. The body is extended to 7.97 m (with a width of 3.095 m and a height of 1.793 m), which makes it possible to strengthen the frontal area at the location of the periscopes of the mechanic.

Tank Black Eagle

The new type of tower is a structure of two armored compartments fixedly mounted on a common base. In the aft part of the tower was placed automatic loading with ammunition.

Tank Black Eagle

A safety system was provided, which works in the event of a detonation of the combat kit. In the event of a similar situation, the automatic loader, which is an armored module of a removable type, is automatically disconnected from the tower due to the activation of the knockout panels.

Tank Black Eagle

An interesting fact – during demonstrations of the “Black Eagle”, the tower of the tank was almost never shown in the open (always covered with camouflage cloth).


The armored component of the tank is as follows:

Tank Black Eagle
  • The last line of the crew’s protection is provided by a central compartment, isolated by sheet armor from two side compartments, in which fuel tanks are installed (only 3 compartments located along the hull);
  • The sides of the tank near the fuel compartments in addition to the main multi-layer armor have additional protection in the form of anti-radiation plates;
  • Combat and command sections are protected with anti-fragmentation plates.

As an active protection, the modification of the AZ “Drozd” – “Drozd-2” is used. The equipment is designed to protect the tank from grenades and various anti-tank shells. It is interesting that, like the tank itself, the AZ “Drozd-2” did not go into mass production.


The tank “Black Eagle” is designed to defeat both ground and air targets. Armament, which was demonstrated by Omsk specialists during the presentation, looked like this:

  • 125-mm cannon smooth-bore type, designed to fire separate and unitary shells (however if the machine was still in mass production, as a main gun would have a cannon of caliber ranging from 135 to 152 mm);
  • With a cannon, a Kalashnikov machinegun of 7.62 mm caliber is paired;
  • To fire on air and ground targets, a 12.7 mm Kord machine gun was used, controlled remotely;
  • Smoky grenades are used as additional auxiliary weapons.

Artist’s drawing

Dynamic characteristics

In comparison with the Western armored vehicles of the third generation, the Black Eagle has higher dynamic characteristics, since it uses an engine with a specific power exceeding 30 hp. per ton (whereas Western machines are equipped with 20-25-strong units).

The 48-ton “T-95” is able to drive without a refueling (and without the use of external tanks) on the highway to 500 km at a speed of about 80 km / h, and also to overcome sharp ups to 80 cm and ditches up to 3 m deep.

As you can see, the “Black Eagle” is quite a formidable opponent. But why the project was curtailed is still unknown. According to some high-ranking military personnel (including Major-General Yuri Kovalenko), the linear production of the Object 640 tank was never planned, but the results obtained during the production of this prototype will be used in the following projects.


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