WT2 – another compact headset-translator

We tell you about compact headset-translators from other languages with enviable constancy . But Kickstarter project WT2 stands out against the background of other developments. First of all, it is incredibly miniature and convenient. The translator is something like the AirPods wireless headphones, but only with the ability to translate from one language to another in real time.

The translator looks almost the same as Apple’s headphones. It comes in a similar stylish plastic package, which when activated, activates the headphones. The case, among other things, serves as a charger for headphones, which is very convenient. The device supports the recognition of human speech, machine learning and translation into five languages, including Chinese, English, German, French and Japanese. The list of languages, of course, will expand with time.

A nice bonus of the device is effective noise reduction, as well as an extremely low delay in the processing of voice signals – no more than 3 seconds. The headphones automatically “wake up” when the case is opened, automatically start communicating with the smartphone, and, importantly, they start translating the phrases of the surrounding people from their language to yours. The project was assembled on the siteKickstarter$ 125,000 out of $ 50,000 a week from the originally scheduled month. The cost of headphones will be 149 dollars.

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